Fishing on the New River



New River Fishing Tips

"Enjoy a Real West Virginia Vacation"
By: Billy Belcher

Fishing buffs everywhere will be thrilled to discover the abundant fishing opportunities in the warm waters of New River Gorge. This exceptional fishery offers fishermen the experience of a lifetime due to the wide variety of different types of fish on New River and the numerous access points facilitating your fishing venture. These points include Meadow and Mill Creeks, Prince, Sandstone Falls and Brooks Falls as well as many more.

Fishing Times
The best seasons for fishing on New River seem to be springtime and autumn as water temperatures are cooler and fish movement increase. Early morning hours and late evenings appear to be the best fishing times on the New River, again due to greater activity as fish come out to feed. Types of fish you will find within the New River waters include smallmouth bass, crappie, walleye, carp, bluegill, catfish and more. In addition to the quality fishing prospects, the picturesque, peaceful surroundings of the New River it creates the perfect environment for fun and recreation with family and friends.

Fishing Tips
The type of bait used in fishing on the New River will differ depending on the type of fish you are trying to catch. Many fisherman prefer to use the familiar hellgrammite's or night crawlers as bait while others have their personal favorites or even specialized bait creations made at home. Lure types are again up to each fisherman to choose in accordance with their experience and expertise. One general rule of thumb is to use brighter hued lures when fishing in clear waters and darker ones for muddy water conditions. Personally, Rat-L-Traps are great for catching a lot of smallmouth on the New River.

There are many fishing tips offered through fishing manuals and online fishing resources concerning the types of bait and lures that will offer the best fishing results. If you are an amateur fisherman, it would be to your benefit to become acquainted with some of the basic fishing techniques and equipment suitable to where you will be fishing on the New River, so that you can catch a lot of smallmouth on the New River. You can research this information online or seek the help from friends and colleagues for any tips and advice they may want to give for fishing the New River.

Over the years, experienced fishermen have developed many successful techniques and methods to gain the most from their fishing ventures on the New River. Though some people go fishing just for fun and relaxation regardless of whether they catch fish or not, the majority of fishermen actually prefer the thrill and excitement of catching a fighting smallmouth. Therefore, the more knowledge you have about fishing the better results you will have.

The New River in West Virginia attracts hundreds of fishermen of all levels each year " amateur, semi-professional and professional " due to the abundance of smallmouth bass found in the New River. With a little luck and patience, you should have no trouble catching at quite a few during your time there.

Smallmouth and rock bass are amongst some of the most well known species in the New River. By using top water lures and live fishing bait during evening hours your chances of catching these fish will increase. Walleye fishing is best accomplished during the fall season and in deeper waters such as around the Bluestone Dam area in Hinton, West Virginia. Catfish generally bite more when using live bait such as night crawlers, crayfish or even minnows. New River tributaries are usually stocked with trout due to the policy of West Virginia's Natural Resources department to stock these areas with this fish each spring. It is good to note that all fishing in West Virginia requires a fishing license from the state of West Virginia. These can be acquired for the duration of a year or if you will only be in the area for a short time, you can apply for shorter tourist permits at your local sports shop or bait and tackle store.

Safety Tips
Before starting your fishing expedition, all members of your party should review the safety measures you will adhere to while on the New River. If fishing with younger members of your family or their friends, you will have greater peace of mind if each one of you is aware of the safety rules ahead of time and agrees to follow them. This way you can enjoy your trip to the full without worrying about possible accidents while fishing or boating on the New River.

One of the most basic safety rules you should adopt is the wearing of life jackets when you are close to or out in the New River to prevent accidental drowning. Even if you are fishing in the water close to the shore, it is a good idea to don a life jacket as you never know when you might stumble or fall in water over your head. Generally when off shore fishing, it is good to stay in waters that do not go over your knees so you will have proper stability once the fish start biting.

Alcohol should be strictly prohibited when fishing as it dulls the senses and reflexes which would be dangerous should an accident occur. When fishing from inside a boat, make sure everyone remains sitting to keep the boat steady in the water. Last but not least, never fish on your own. Try to bring a friend or hook up with another fishing party to avail yourself of help close by should the need arise.

Fishing on New River can be a fun and adventurous occasion for anyone to enjoy. The numerous types of fish on New River makes it an exciting experience for young and old alike. Whether you are new to fishing or an old timer to the sport, you are sure to have a memorable time.